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XI Century

In the XI century, the Buondelmonti Florentine family built a strong castle that dominated some of the more frequented streets of the district... " on the hill covered by olive groves and vineyards that looms towards the Pesa plain "...facing the Castle of Petrojo and next to the Badia a Passignano,

The name was Borgo di Fabbrica, a toponym deriving from the Latin "faber" that indicates the existence of a forge.

XIII Century

The castle was surrounded by strong walls that occupied the whole top of the mountain. In the center stood the Palazzo dei Signori, surrounded by the warehouses, the cellars, the granaries, the small enchanting church of the district, and the settlers houses.
The castle was partly dismantled by the Ghibellini after the battle of Montaperti and, with time, was transformed into a villa, built around the keep and two towers.

Nineteenth Century

The villa remained the property of the Buondelmonti until the extinction of the family in the first half of the nineteenth century.
It passed into the hands of the Rinuccini and subsequently to the Corsini who owned it until 1920. At this time it was bought by the Conte Piatti dal Pozzo and in 1946 it was inherited by the Vicini family, the current owners.

Twentieth century

Oral stories say that one of the two great towers of the ancient castle suffered serious damages during the Messina earthquake of 1908 and that the other was demolished and replaced by a central, much taller tower. It is said that Conte Piatti, being a Genoese, wanted to see Genoa from the tower. This was later said to be destroyed by bombings during World War II.

Today, you can see the remaining portions of the walls, the ancient tower (which housed the prisons used during the period of the struggles between the Guelphs and Ghibellines), and parts of a fortified gate to the side of the driveway.

Villa S.Andrea Today

Today the complex of Villa S.Andrea owes its name to the church dedicated to the homonymous saint, located in the village of Fabbrica. 
The façade is crowned by a pediment with broken curves and two pyramidal pinnacles dating back to the late eighteenth century, flanked by an oratory, perhaps built on the site of the Romanesque church, and decorated on the facade with the coat of arms of the Buondelmonti.

The Winery and the Vineyard

Transformed into winery and villa, the complex dominates the hill.
From its highest point, following the course of the terrain, we can see the other buildings and the ancient cellars, entirely dug into the hill.
Here the wine, in silent darkness, becomes smoother in large barrels and in small oak barrels.

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